Promoters Welcome

The HBCU Museum, located right here in Washington, DC, would like to invite you to visit and support the museum and its purpose. The mission of the HBCU Museum is:

To align ourselves with HBCUs, collect partial and full/partial scholarships from them, and award them to qualified under privileged applicants. Eligible students will be required to attend in person interviews and give a speech to the board as to why they should receive a free scholarship. All decisions will be voted on by the board and the results will be emailed to the students. The students who are selected for scholarship placement will have to maintain a 3.0 gpa in order to retain their HBCU scholarship status. In addition to our scholarship program we will provide free weekly tutoring sessions for local high school and college students with a valid student ID. We will also organize business seminars and conferences with HBCU keynote speakers and stream them to HBCU campuses nationwide.

The HBCU Museum makes every effort to support local events and initiatives aligned with our mission and/or community in various ways. We would like to extend a warm welcome to The HBCU Museum!!!

The HBCU Museum is more than a museum and offers event space, business development, and marketing opportunities to community members. We’d like to host your next event! We also invite up to 3 members of your promotional team to come in for a tour at a 25% discount if they bring this letter. Your ticketed patrons will receive a 10% discount off admission when they present your event ticket at their next visit to The HBCU Museum.

Please email: for future opportunities.